Word Twiddle

How to play

Word Twiddle is an anagram finding game. The object is to create as many different words as possible using the letters provided in the time given. Longer words are worth more points, and if you can use all the letters in the rack, you score an additional 25 point bonus.

Playing Word Twiddle on a keyboard

The controls are fairly straightforward. Type in the words you find and press enter to submit them. Use the spacebar to scramble the letters on the rack, and use the '.' key to bring up the last word (this is useful e.g. if you just want to add an 's' onto the end of the last word).

Playing Word Twiddle with a mouse

Click the letters one-by-one to create a word. Then click the enter button to the right of the selection to submit the word. If you make a mistake, use the "Clear" button to reset the current selection.

Word Twiddle can be played with various different skins (layouts and colour schemes). For competitive play, you can choose your prefered skin from the user account page. If you would like to increase or decrease the size of the text, your browser may support this (e.g. in Firefox use "Ctrl +" to increase the font size). Additionally, one of the skins has larger sized text enabled by default.

Last update: Wednesday Nov 09, 2011 by Andrew K